Mental instability is a pre-qualifying factor not being able to fly. 


This is how we accomplish it:

Gain the client's trust prior to flying

Assess the client's will and desire to fly home

Assess medications that can be contraindicated when flying

Assess that all ground transportation and special needs are addressed

Have emergency medications ordered and available for administration

Assist the client through immigration and customs

Accompany the client on the plane to keep them calm 



The Psych Transport Process and Psychological Services In Iquitos


Transportation Verification:

After you or a case manager accepts the quote to move forward with the transport, Flights to Iquitos, Peru will be booked.   

Flights will be confirmed and Psych Transport will develop an itinerary.  

The itinerary will be verified by the family for approval.  

Psych Transport will arrange hotels, ground transportation, and any special needs prior to departure and on arrival.

We will then provide the client and family with an all-inclusive itinerary and price.  At this time, a final approval of costs will agreed upon by both parties which begins the process of returning your loved one. 

Arriving and Arranging Treatment with a Psychological Services in Iquitos

Once arriving to Iquitos, Peru we will visit the patient and assess the mental status at that time and setup psychological services in Iquitos.  

We will place the patient in a clinic with experience working with this diagnosis and arrange a Psychiatrist in Iquitos to arrive and begin treatment.  

24 hour observation will be arranged for patient safety.

 Psych Transport will then begin the process of developing trust of the client and working with the client for as long as possible daily.  

After the client has been on medications and sees improvement in his/her mental status, re-socialization from the clinic into public spaces begins slowly with small trips outside the clinic with both Brady and Shelly.

 After the patient has shown an ability to react appropriately in public without danger of paranoia, a halfway house will be arranged where our staff will stay with the client to closely watch and assess for readiness to fly

When the client is ready and willing to fly,  flights home will be arranged.  All return flights, ground transportation and arrangements will then be verified by the family and the we will prep the client for the process of flying home.

This entire process takes on average 10 days depending on patient willingness to treatment and medication management.   

Pre-Flight Assessment:

When we prepare the client for flying, a pre-flight assessment will be completed by us.  Pre-flight assessments prepare the client for their upcoming flight. It is an opportunity to discuss medical information necessary at that moment to verify the transport method is appropriate.  Pre-flight assessments include the following:

A focused mental and physical assessment.

Comprehensive review of the client’s chart.

Review the transportation and inflight plan of care.

Review of the transport itinerary.

Answer any questions the family or client may have.

We may request the following:

Additional lab work be completed prior to flight.

May suggest additional medications to be administered before flying.

Make any changes to ground transportation if needed.

During Transport:

Medications will be self-administered to decrease anxiety and possibly mental breakdowns inflight.

Both of us will sit on either side of the patient in our own row.

Provide frequent mental status checks and emotional support where needed, to ensure a smooth flight home.

Additional snacks, entertainment and inflight equipment will be furnished to keep the client busy if unable to sleep.

Arriving in the home country:

Once landing, we will assist the client in smoothly making their way through immigration and customs.

Help with luggage and ground transportation.

If needed; book hotels, rental cars and other services needed to have client arrive back their family.

Facilitate psychological services including hospitalization in the client's home country.  

Provide a full debrief and copy of the chart from the clinic where the patient was treated.  

Other services and case management can be arranged to continue treatment in the client's home country.

Start the process now by getting a quote. 

We can also work to get your loved one home from any Country, not only Peru.   


Medical Services Coordination
Through our network in Iquitos, Peru we can coordinate mental healthcare for drug induced psychosis. Our network of doctors, clinics, 24 hour sitters and halfway houses after leaving the clinic, will provide the best possible mental health services in northwestern Peru.
We work with the top psychiatrists in Iquitos, Peru to diagnose and treat your loved one. We can facilitate language barriers and create a treatment plan that will include medication management in the clinic through coming home. Our Psychiatrists specialize in drug induced psychosis and will give the best care available to your loved one.
Hospital/ Clinic Services
We have a clinic in Iquitos with experience in the diagnosis of drug induced psychosis. 24 hour care will be provided to watch over the client. Competent nursing care, medical doctors, and the psychiatrist will make daily rounds to ensure the best psych care possible in Iquitos.
Medication Management
Work with the Psychiatrist to provide prescriptions for use in the clinic and halfway house and procure them from the pharmacy. Encourage the client to take medications and assess for side effects of medication management by the Psychiatrist. Educate the client on medication management after discharge.
Halfway House
We provide accompanied care after leaving the hospital in a 2 bedroom apartment prior to flying home. This provides a halfway house experience to assess behaviors and mindsets for readiness to travel.
Transport Services
Accompany the client from Iquitos, Peru to their final destination worldwide. Book flights and accommodations before transport back the patient's home country. Provide emotional support during flights and on the ground.